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This piece is one of my most personnel one based on a friends last time holding hands with her grandma who just passed away. In a world where only youth, money and egoism counts we loose touch to our roots and our connections to our families. Furthemore we deal with generational traumas from wars and global poorness. Our generation is the first one living in constant economically wealth but we pay a price and our future seems to be more uncertain than ever. The only way to solve the challenges ahead is to learn from past generations and to strengthen the younger generations to appreciate more the possibilities beyond captalism. 


Original unique artwork -  painted oil on wood panel (varnished), size: 40x40 cm


This artwork was done in 2023 and is a great opportunity to start an art collection which is still affordable but based on originals. This painting was done in multiple layers and finally varnished which gives it a nice glow but also protects colors from sunlight and fading.


The artwork has a size of 40x40 cm, the painting was made on hand made wood panel. Framing is not included.


The artwork is handsigned by the artist with date on the backside.


Packaging the order will normally take up to 5 working days and delivery within Europe should be latest within 10 days (exceptions might be possible due to delivery carrier). When the artwork is shipped you will be informed.


All artwork is copywright to Jette Leder and may not be redistributed without permission.


900,00 €Price
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