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I am Jette, 40 years old, a self-taught artist based in Berlin, Germany. Since I am a child I am obsessed with painting and drawing. Currently I work as an artist with focus on figurative and traditional oil painting which I discovered as my favorite medium in 2019. 

As an artist I am inspired by the lifestyle, people and street art of Berlin. The human body and face are my main subject of work trying to capture emotions on canvas which I experience with the people interacting with my art and my models.

Further more raise awareness for social topics especially for women of our generation. The centrally role plays always the female perspective on women in art, as I still feel the female view l underrepresented in the art business. I like to show strong women not hiding their sensuality, for me this is more interaction rather than contradictive. 

I am looking forward to new challenges and I like to meet new clients. If you want to work with me or if you are interested in commissions please feel free to leave a message. I am happy to hear from you!

Best regards,


About me: Über mich
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